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Elina is a perennial speaker at our annual event, and her exceptional reviews never cease to amaze. She is a visionary speaker inspiring positive transformation and personal growth, captivating our audiences with her engaging presence, powerful storytelling, and practical tools for cultivating leadership.
– Karen Guggenheim, Founder/CEO WOHASU, the organizing body of The World Happiness Summit

You can find me frequently presenting at prominent universities, industry-leading companies, and global conferences where I bring my dynamic, high-energy, and though-provoking approach to continuously challenge the status quo. I also participate in influential panel discussions, such as the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU), engaging alongside esteemed leaders and experts in leadership.

My expertise extends to creating workshops for a wide range of organizations, from multinational giants like Pfizer and Danone to dynamic start-ups and women’s networks, all driven by my passion for interactive experiences. With distinct and compelling keynotes, I delve into topics such as next-generation leadership, feminine intelligence, and psychedelic leadership. For more details on my original keynote and workshop offerings, please see below.

“Elina was an impactful keynote speaker during our Staff Appreciation Week program at MSK. She delivered an engaging, highly customized virtual presentation on optimism and resilience post COVID-19. It leveraged not only her subject matter expertise in positive psychology, neuroscience and executive coaching, but captured the culture, mission and values of our organization to truly connect with our audience. Thank you, Elina, for being such a pleasure to work with and helping us support our healthcare heroes during these challenging times.”

Luba Trost
Manager, Work/Life & Wellbeing Programs, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“Elina is a transformative speaker inspiring her participants through a transcendent blend of calming self reflection, education, and personal development.”

Greg Munves
Co-Founder & CEO, Klothed

“Having attended several of Elina’s workshops and keynotes, I’ve left each one with a sense of calm, clarity and motivation. At Orbiit, we use AI to scale real human connections. On a daily basis, I meet people who are looking to find personal and professional growth and the ability to bring their whole selves to work. Elina teaches the tools to allow people to do so effectively, and inspires them to really take action!”

Bilyana Freye
Co-Founder & CEO, Orbiit

“Elina’s workshop on personal and organizational values was deeply valuable for my team. As a venture-backed fast growth company, our focus isn’t always on personal growth, but rather our company growth – and Elina’s inspirational presentation gave us a renewed sense of purpose and drive.”

Natalie Mackey
Co-Founder & CEO, Winky Lux

“Our team really enjoyed the goal setting session which included a best self-visualization. Several of us left the session in tears as the visualization portion really took us back to a specific time in life and provoked certain emotions. I am a huge fan of Elina and I plan to further incorporate her sessions into future company events.”

Dezireh Einalhori
Co-Founder & CEO, Platinum Properties

“Our team completed Elina’s the Goals & Accomplishments workshop. We delved into positive psychology, goal setting and finished with a best self visualization. The entire experience was incredible and brought our team to a whole other level of cooperation and positivity!”

Jessica Resler
Co-Founder & Creative Director, The Participation Agency

Topics I Talk About

NexGen: Young Global Leaders

Experience an extraordinary keynote talk inspired by Elina’s upcoming book that ignites transformation and awakens young global leaders to take ownership of what the world really needs. This powerful call to action challenges emerging leaders to step up, create a new model for sustainable business leadership, own it, and build a brighter future together.

Courageous Leadership

An interactive workshop that delves deep into the core question: What stirs profound sadness and a sense of urgency within you? Discover your strengths and develop leadership tools through a captivating journey of self-discovery and peak experiences so that you can be the change you wish to see in the world.

Feminine Intelligence

This keynote explores the integration of feminine and masculine intelligence to lead from a place of wholeness. These qualities are not confined to gender, but rather the inherent polarities within each of us, akin to the yin and yang. We must embrace and harmonize these interdependent pairs within ourselves to effectively heal our organisations and societies.

Psychedelic Leadership

A provocative keynote, this “emerging” leadership style is positioned at the unexpected intersection of leadership studies and the blossoming science of psychedelics. Seemingly unconventional, this exploratory concept stems from the potential of consciousness-expanding experiences on the development and expression of leadership skills and styles.

Accelerating Women’s Excellence

Much of our unconscious approach to business and leadership has been shaped by patriarchal traditions. When we accelerate women in power, we can rise beyond outdated paradigms of leadership and discover the extraordinary. This keynote is based on my extensive work with hundreds of women through peer coaching programs with senior executive women and the topics most critical to their success.

NextGen Law Firm Leadership

Drawing from my signature course at Fordham Law School, this keynote empowers law firm leaders with insights from the science of positive psychology. This research can be harnessed to reshape the fabric of law firms, creating vibrant spaces that inspire engagement, fulfilment, and profound growth for lawyers and the entire law profession.

Psychedelic Leadership