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Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
– Steve Jobs

1:1 Coaching

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Leadership is not just about a role or a title, but rather a mindset and a way of being. It is autobiographical. The significance of your impact is directly proportionate to the depth of your self-awareness and self-mastery
. Experience personal transformation and growth through an individual coaching journey. I will guide you to surmount your limiting beliefs, claim your strengths and personal power and expand your own vision of the world.

A typical coaching journey includes 18 hours of coaching, split over 6-12 months.

“Working with Elina has been critical for me. She has helped me enormously to not only navigate shifting foundations in my workplace but to help me reflect upon and then thoughtfully articulate my own goals and position. She has been a fantastic sounding board and thought partner – offering feedback, reframing, and gentle nudges when necessary – without pushing me beyond what is authentic to my values or style. What I find unique about Elina – and resonates most with me about her coaching style – is that she takes a holistic approach. While the vast majority of our time focuses on my professional sphere, she is attuned to things going on in my personal life that impact how I show up at work. She is considered and challenging in the best way – and I always leave our sessions feeling better able to handle whatever it is I’m working on than when I walked in. Elina understands what it is to be a young, global leader. She knows the tradeoffs and hurdles that are often part of emerging at the next level of leadership, and her expertise has been invaluable to me through our sessions.”

Haley Murphy
Head of Strategy and Commercial, Beauty Pie

“Elina really helped me to become more aware of what values and beliefs drive my every day actions. The sessions with her gave me a great way to become better at understanding those values as well as finding a very tangible way of having those support my decision making. She would challenge me on things I would say in such a way that you start to better understand why you are thinking that way and what truly drives you on a deeper level. The combination of both enabling me to look at what drives me at a high level as well as giving me practical tools and exercises to use that in practice make Elina a great coach and all-round amazing human being to work with.”

Co-Founder & CTO, Orbiit

“I began this executive coaching program as an overworked executive. Elina helped me become a more effective leader while working fewer hours. I learned to draw from my strengths to inspire others while optimizing my time. I cannot recommend Elina enough–it’s a small investment for years of success. Thank you!”

Executive Director and Directing Attorney, Earth Law Center

Co-Founder Coaching

In Service of radical collaboration

Navigating the complex dynamics of a co-founder relationship is both challenging and rewarding. Co-founder coaching is specifically designed to support and strengthen your critical partnership. Coaching will help you and your co-founder(s) cultivate effective communication, align your visions, and build a solid foundation of trust. I will also guide you through common pitfalls, assist you in resolving conflicts, and provide strategies for developing a collaborative and productive co-founder relationship. Together, we will see your partnership thrive and your business reach its true potential.

“Elina is a gifted executive coach and facilitator. Her background in psychology and law means she is the perfect mix of being both empathetic yet effective, and she moves effortlessly along the spectrum between the two. In both 1:1 and team coaching scenarios, I was impressed at how quickly and efficiently she was able to help us home in on pain points, work through challenges, and create an effective framework for moving forward to fuel our next stage of growth. Elina has also facilitated an online group coaching model for our organisation. Even though most of the attendees had never met prior to the first session and had vastly different life experiences, Elina was able to quickly build up trust and a safe space. She utilised a variety of tools to promote self-reflection and greater self-understanding. These techniques allowed the attendees to have meaningful, confidential conversations, while tapping into the collective knowledge of the group as a sounding board to address their specific challenges. She is both highly intuitive yet pragmatic, which enables her clients to quickly find creative solutions in finding the best path forward.”

Michelle Yue
Co-Founder, The Beam Network

“Elina keeps me focused. In a start-up environment, it’s a gift to make decisions quickly and authentically. Elina has given me the tools to do that: harnessing energy to give the best to my work and my family, and rooting big decisions in what’s most important to me. Founding a purpose-driven company with another person is a leap of faith. Elina doesn’t let me dwell on the insignificant, but she’ll make me pause on the questions that matter. Having that partner to hold up a mirror to my values and cut through the noise makes me a better co-founder – and I’ve no doubt it contributes significantly to the pace and quality of our work at WorkTripp.”

Sally Page
Co-Founder, WorkTripp

Leadership Team Offsites

Teamwork makes the dream work

Leadership team offsites are fun, immersive and dynamic. Sessions are crafted to inspire collective growth, alignment, and strategic collaboration. Through a combination of interactive exercises, facilitated discussions, and team-building activities, offsite experiences create a space for your leadership team to strengthen relationships, enhance communication, and develop a shared vision.
Hosted at exclusive venues throughout Europe and the UK.

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“Elina is one of the most talented coaches I have ever worked with. She completely redefined my expectations for coaching in our first hour together! She’s got an amazing ability to get to the real truth fast, which, combined with her empathy and her ambition, makes every minute together very powerful. Not only did Elina deliver an exceptional coaching experience, but her team-building session for our team was equally remarkable, igniting a renewed sense of collaboration, trust, and shared purpose among us all.”

Samantha Duncan
Founder & CEO, NetPurpose

If you want to build a ship, don’t gather people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather, teach them to long for the immensity of the sea.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry